The Yarn Partnership

Potluck and Pøison Ivy is proud to announce its partnership with The Yarn, a local storytelling organization whose mission it is to break down barriers, gain greater understanding of our neighbors and change hearts and minds through the power of story. At Potluck and Poison Ivy, we believe not only in the power of story to bring people to the table but the strength in community shown through collaboration and support. We believe that by supporting artistic and cultural endeavors, we will all benefit through the continued enrichment of our community. Discover more about The Yarn by clicking the link below, as well as catch details about their upcoming shows on our homepage.

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About The Yarn

At The Yarn, we believe in the power of story to break down barriers, gain greater understanding of our neighbors and change hearts and minds. During these highly divided times, we think its essential to strive towards connection. We believe that stories have the power to do just that. Our productions are theme-based, centering on social issues that affect us all. Our storytellers have a distinct perspective to share in an effort to shine a light on and bring humanity to these issues. We believe that everyone has a story to tell and are eager to create a platform to amplify the voices of those who strive to evoke empathy, connection and greater understanding from our audiences. At The Yarn, we value the respect, humanity and dignity of all people and commit to produce shows that exemplify these values.

Consider Supporting Our Mission

If you would like to make a direct financial contribution (tax free of course), please click the button below and select The Yarn. We appreciate every donation!

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Behind the Scene

HILARY TRUDELL, FOUNDER Hilary Trudell is an educator and producer with more than ten years experience in the field of public service and the arts. She currently works as the Director of Local Programming and Regional Outreach for the Clinton School of Public Service, where she specializes in team building, partnership development and creating a space for productive collaboration. Her past work includes supporting the production of Broadway-caliber shows at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, producing the Student Playwrights Project at Arena Stage and developing communities of volunteer leaders with the Human Rights Campaign. Hilary has developed curricula on the topics of fundraising and advocacy through storytelling and is thrilled to be providing a platform to bring more Arkansas voices to the stage! A strong believer in the power of story to break down barriers, bring us together and sometimes just provide an outlet for a good laugh or cry - Hilary believes that everyone has a story and can't wait to hear yours!

SARA BROWN, WEBSITE MANAGER & GRAPHIC DESIGNER Sara makes sure anyone who visits understands the power of sharing your individual and collective voice. From a young age, Sara was known to tinker on the computer making birthday cards before she further developed her skills at an environmental non-profit, Appalachia Voices, where she did graphic design and event coordination. When she isn’t updating the website for The Yarn, she’s writing grants for Heifer International. A graduate of Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, Sara finds her serenity in the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas or floating in one of the natural state's hidden swimming holes.

JENSYN HALLETT, SOCIAL MEDIA GURU A native of Arkansas, Jensyn is passionate about bringing people together and creating change through community engagement. It's not enough to have a great product or service these days, but one must inform and inspire others to create her desired impact. Social media is a channel for sharing that message and motivating others to share their stories--with us and others. Jensyn has a Master's degree in Community and Economic Development and currently leads the local relations strategy for Heifer International. With experience in the for-profit and non-profit sectors, Jensyn has worked with diverse teams in program and service design, fundraising, and business development. She loves a good challenge and learning new things, and never turns down an opportunity to people together for a good story.