Silver Roof Special featuring NUNU's George Marks

July 26, 2018Doors open at 6pmShow starts at 7pm

Join us for an incredible night of storytelling from NUNU Arts and Culture Collective's George Marks. Live music by Karen Jr. $35/ticket (includes dinner & the show). Cash bar. Location:The Joint Theater and Coffeehouse301 Main St, North Little Rock, AR 72114

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George Marks

George Marks, Interim-Director of NUNU, is a contemporary visual artist and social sculptor living and working in Arnaudville, La. George’s body of work, influenced by an innate appreciation for the natural and evolving world, includes collections of images reflective of textures, colors and surfaces experienced. Although, not tied to one palette, many of his works include the subtle blues and greens of the land. Implementing unusual techniques and unusual media: oil, acrylic, resin, tar .. he allows his memories and materials to drive the creative process, resulting in a harmonious blend of imagination and action. In 2013 he was invited to participate in a TOSTEM (French acronym for: Cultural Tourism through the footsteps of slavery) international artist-in residency. His multimedia work “2200,” the result of investigation into the history and effects of slavery, is currently part of a six-country (France, Haiti, Senegal, Cameroon, Antiqua, Louisiana) international exhibition.
Selected by the Atchafalaya National Heritage Area as an area artisan, Marks’ painting career is featured on its Website.
In addition to his visual work, Marks is a self-defined social sculptor and has been a seminal member of the creative community of Louisiana. He is a past member of the Louisiana State Arts Council and Louisiana Partnership for the Arts and is the founder of the NUNU Arts and Culture Collective. Marks is considered a champion of the arts and culture in South Louisiana and has been an outspoken advocate for the development and promotion of the creative economy. Marks’ work is included in a number of corporate and private collections nationally and internationally including: Oceania Cruise Line: Iberia Bank, La.; Piedmont Hospital, Georgia; and Duckworth Realty, Mississippi. His paintings have exhibited throughout Louisiana and in Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Redon, France; and have been featured in a number of art and design publications including New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles, House Beautiful, and Architectural Digest. His works are represented in seven galleries nationally. He attended Louisiana State University, where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art with a focus on painting and drawing.

About NUNU Arts and Culture Collective 

The NUNU Collective is an educational nonprofit that works to encourage the development of artistic talents, skills, knowledge and business savvy by connecting artists with other artists, businesses, organizations and programs. It serves as a stage/platform/gallery for creative living by facilitating community, economic, and artistic/cultural development. At the core of development is a dedication to fostering a living culture using a combination of art, music, dance and Louisiana French. Retaining authenticity is the central driving force. Responsiveness to community interests serves to shape programming: some successful, some not. Programing is furthered through partnership building that engages multiple partners representative of all sectors: for profit, nonprofit and government. Members and volunteers are empowered through leadership roles. The collective is located on the site of the former Singleton Hardware and Lumber complex that includes a hardware store, lumber kiln, sweet potato kiln and barn, and which directly borders the rural Town of Arnaudville, population 1069, and within a postal service area of 15,000 households. Arnaudville, located 22 miles northeast of Lafayette, La., is a bi-parish community, sharing favor with both St. Landry and St. Martin parishes. It is a rural heart of Acadiana where bayous Teche and Fuselier meet. Its distance from the federal highway system contributes to area retention of spoken Louisiana French. All eight approaches to Arnaudville take you through a history filled scenic prairie. It is a place where Louisiana French culture today drives economy by drawing tourists, creatives and environmentalists to visit and to relocate. Four out of 10 residents still speak French on a daily basis.

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Live Music by Karen Jr. 

Karen Jr is an Arkansas singer, songwriter, and recording artist who was named after her mother (who goes by a totally different name). She cut her musical teeth on an eclectic diet of rollicking gospel, heart wrenching country ballads, and doses of (forbidden) pop radio that she sneaked and soaked up like a sponge from radio station KLBQ-99 in her hometown of El Dorado. The first vocal run that she learned as a young singer was from Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” which she mastered and used frequently in church services to help “bring the glory down.” She wrote her first song at age 9 and announced to an engaged couple that she had written a song for their wedding. They obliged. It was actually not bad, and as a testament to the power of her songwriting, their marriage is still going strong. When she sang at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, Bono of U2 kissed her on the cheek twice. Karen Jr’s lively performances with her band are seasoned with irresistible funk riffs that draw folks to the dance floor. Listeners are captivated by the honesty in her songwriting, her powerful soulful voice, and her playful delivery on dance grooves. Her latest CD, “I Was Wrong” can be found on iTunes and Spotify. Discover more at: